Week 6 Personal Reflection

After completing the lectures and tutorials for this week and concentrating on applying this information into assignment 2, the impact of  incorporating ICTs into teaching and learning appears very overwhelming. I can definitely appreciate the level of excitement and engagement it can offer learning experiences but I am also in conflict with the amount of time required to research and trial possible ICT resources for students. Being unfamiliar in ICT territory makes it even more challenging! So far, I have been fortunate to ‘stumble’ across some great looking resources and had a bit of a play. In no means do I intend to sound pessimistic about the inclusion of ICTs, in fact I am convinced to be optimistic about it. Whilst yes, I have experienced challenges, it has amazed me just how far we are able to take learning for students, by considering ‘replacing, amplifying and transforming” through using ICTs in our planning.

A great example can be viewed on this youtube clip.


6 thoughts on “Week 6 Personal Reflection

  1. I can relate to your post McK. So many ways to incorporate the RAT framework and so many sites to explore. It is challenging for some of us, me included, but I look at how far we have come… we have a blog and are posting. Such progress! 🙂 B

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  2. Hi McK, thank you for your reflection! Your thoughts reflect some of the ideas and thoughts I have had also. I can now put these thoughts of mine into words. I am also amazed by how we can transform student learning by incorporating ICT. If we can successfully implement ICT despite the many challenges we are likely to encounter, I believe we can really maximize student potential and outcomes. Sara 😊


  3. Hi McK, I really enjoyed reading your reflection. It allowed me to articulate my thoughts and put them into words. It is amazing how much we can transform learning by incorporating ICT. When we incorporate ICT, despite the many challenges we are likely to face, student outcomes are maximized. Sara 😄


  4. Hi McK, I am still learning how to use WordPress. I thought the initial message I wrote was deleted as it didn’t appear instantly in the feed. Hence why I wrote the same kind of thing in both messages. I have just found out that the owner of each blog has to approve comments before they appear! Oh well now I know. Sorry about the double comments. Sara 😊


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