Assignment 1

What a huge relief to have completed assignment 1 with success! Everything is clicking in my learning journey for this course. I actually feel like my learning is being transformed! I invested a huge amount of time researching ICTs to incorporate into my learning activities and certainly broadened my whole perspective on ICTs in doing so. It is fantastic how many ICT resources are available (and simple ones!) to optimise engagement in the teaching and learning process. I can’t help but reflect on my school days and the BORING, mundane delivery of ‘information’ we received. I often remember heads on desks during Maths and English, students almost falling asleep. Whilst I acknowledge that this was perhaps also due to uninspiring pedagogies, I can not help but feel excited about the resources and strategies we are gaining knowledge of, to transform our future classrooms into dynamic, engaging, places of learning and enjoyment.



4 thoughts on “Assignment 1

  1. Jade Liang says:

    congratulations to your completion of assignment 1 successfully.
    I agree that ICTs can optimise teaching and learning when they are used wisely. Teaching and learning are sociocultural constructed. They will change in different time in different context. ICTs have become part of our daily life, we can harmonise students learning approach when ICTs are incorporated in our teaching in 21th century. I know some prestige schools have one-to-one computer for their students and implementing ICTs in their curriculum for many years, while many schools only have a computer lab for students to share. What we can do is to optimise the use of ICTs in our teaching based on the school context.


  2. Congratulations on your Assignment 1 result. You sound very happy. I agree with everything you have said. Definitely expanded my knowledge and understanding of ICT in the classroom and how it benefits our students.
    Barb 🙂


  3. Glad you are feeling great about assignment 1 and congrats on your success. It is quite amazing the amount of resources that are now at our fingertips. It is quite a tale some of us can tell our children when pen and paper and a text book and chalk board were the only resources available to us. However, I do recall fond memories of listening to the ABC radio show once a week and following along with a book. This was our music lesson!!!!


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