Article: Using digital technologies for learning

The list of digital technologies that might be used for teaching and learning is extensive. It includes: LMSs (Learning Management Systems); MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses); BYOD (bring your own device); BYOT (bring your own technology); BYOC (bring your own connectivity); makerspaces; robotics; digital portfolios; online discussion forums; blogging platforms; wikis, microblogging; back channels; audio […]

via Choosing the (digital) pedagogical tool fit for the learning — the édu flâneuse


5 thoughts on “Article: Using digital technologies for learning

  1. It’s great that you are sharing a list of some potential ICTs that could be used in the classroom. However, I am curious, have you had experience with any of the mentioned digital technologies? or would you use any of them in your teaching practices?

    Also I noticed that you mentioned BYOD, I wrote a blog regarding this program from the view of a parent and it can be viewed here

    I wonder if this perspective would change your view on whether you would try to implement this program into your classroom.


    • Hi Sarah,
      I tried to view your article but it just took me to my post on my first tutorial. Unsure what is going on there?
      Secondly, I have not trialled any of the mentioned digital technologies in a classroom environment. As yet. But do intend on experimenting with some when on prac. There are some great resources available for all ages.
      As I couldn’t read your article, I am a little unsure about your comment about my perspective and views on BYOD?
      Also, am a little confused as to which of my posts you are referring to regarding this topic, as I have mentioned it a couple of times, situated around varying contexts.
      As far as implementing BYOD into my future classroom, I would be governed by the school’s regulations. Personally, I would have no problem, if the school had programs in place so that all students were on an equal learning field regarding ICT use. My priority would be that no student in my classroom feels isolated or lacks confidence in their learning ability and participation in learning, simply because their parents can not afford a device.
      Best wishes for the remainder of the semester


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