Last week I returned to visit my prac class from last semester. My previous mentor and I built a wonderful relationship and as did the students and I, so it was lovely to see them all again.

Interesting and quite ironic, that I should walk in on some ICT being utilised. Well, allow me to elaborate. Approximately half of the class were using their own devices to complete a history assessment, by producing a PowerPoint presentation. The remaining half without their own devices, were creating a poster presentation, including printed photos and handmade artefacts.

What really astounded me, was in my observation of this activity, I saw many wonderful, exciting, special effects being played with and trialled by those students creating PowerPoints. However, those producing posters, had included far more actual written information and interesting facts. Their application of understanding was increasingly more evident. More information, more thought processes, more skills (drawing, diagrams, creative placement of artefacts) and genuinely more effort was greatly observed by those students without their own device.

From this observation, I pose the question for reflection and consideration. Is ICT use an easy option? Are our students actually gaining effective understanding and importantly demonstrating their understanding sufficiently with the use of ICTs? How do we overcome these ‘gaps’?

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One thought on “Observation

  1. Hello there, I’m Karen studying EDC3100 as well and read your post.
    I visited and spent a morning with my professional placement school – year 1 last week to introduce myself to my Mentor and the children. I was so impressed with the setting, Teacher and Teacher Aide, Work Experience person from a nearby school and a group of year 1 students who were all so involved in their work is a positive way through open communication and expression well role modelled by the Teacher.

    First class was Art – students layed on or sat on the floor, were shown how to sketch a side view of the face of the Virgin Mary, then use shadowing techniques and finally colour.

    Second Class was English – student read a passage given to them on a brochure formatted piece of paper. Students displayed comprehension skills to recall and write answers about the main characters in the passage. Student were then to create a story Page about the environment in the passage. Another piece of work was where they drew one of their peers and wrote some descriptive words that best describes their personality.

    My observations during these classes were that students were engaged in relaxed environments, engaged in reading, hand writing, drawing and erasing tools, had conversations with others, followed demonstrations, listened to points of view, viewed and helped each other by offering ideas, and sharing resources to complete tasks and produce their stories. These were Summative assessments, end of term pieces of work.

    The teacher engaged with students about interesting daily events and interesting stories she had recently read for students to thinking about, discuss and perhaps prepare for more research next term.

    The teacher told me that they do have iPads for the children to use. She has each student’s avatar on a program where she records student’s work by photographing progress and achievement inserting them into each student’s profile. This is then shared with the student and family, and kept as a record of learning and assessment.

    I am looking forward to observing how the student use ICT, their current skills, how effective ICT is while used in the classroom and the level at which students continue to interact with others during learning.

    Thanks so much McK EDC3100.



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