Wrapping up

Well, as I prepare to complete my course work for EDC3100 and assignment 3, I pause to reflect on the challenges presented in this course.

Interesting that our lecturer Chris, has affirmed many times, that this course “was not about teaching us ICTs but how to implement ICTs to transform student learning.”  I certainly beg to differ!

I began this course with much trepidation about the whole technology concept. My knowledge and experience with ICTs was extremely limited, to say the very least! However, through many, exhausting hours, I have researched and discovered a whole new world I knew nothing about. The extensive availability of ICTs for teaching and learning is completely mind-blowing! Through this research, I have challenged myself to simply ‘have a go’ and immerse myself in the EDC3100 journey. Having just completed my website for assignment 3, I am truly overwhelmed with the growth in mind-set and actual ICT experience and talent, I have developed throughout this course. My goal is to test-drive my website in one of my future classrooms!

I believe there is great emphasis on the learning partnership between teacher and student in applying this teaching and learning concept of online learning. Developing the website really encouraged me to think of every learning stage and literally put myself in the students’ shoes. This approach to implementing ICTs to construct and transform student learning will definitely be an asset to my teacher’s toolbox and an approach I eagerly embrace.malcolmx1


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up

  1. Congratulations! I am at a similar point with just prac to get through.

    I absolutely agree – I have learnt so much about ICTs and developing websites. I am lucky that the year level I chose is the same level I have for prac – year 5 and their Science topic is what I have done my website on so hopefully I can give my website a try in my lessons!


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