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Have fun! Fellow EDC3100 students, if you have not yet discovered this site, do yourself a favour and check it out!

Inspiring and transforming the teaching and learning process for our future students is a shared goal by many of us and this site appears to be filled with an abundance of helpful resources to assist us in our teaching goals.



This was a recommendation from a very good friend whom has been a very progressive and inspiring educator for many years. Note the freebie webinar! Although some include costs, they appear rather reasonable in the scheme of professional development pursuits.

Unfortunately, no matter what sector we intend to teach, we will all encounter students with autism. I was very surprised when my eldest child began Prep last year, the numerous amount of diagnosed children in her class with autism and witnessed first hand, the challenges presented to the teachers. This emphasised the imperative need to become educated on effective teaching and learning strategies, enabling inclusion and support for these students, in any future similar classroom scenarios, I may encounter.

First lecture & tutorial

Some thoughts after listening to first lecture and tutorial:

  • BYO Device…. Many challenges arising in this concept appear apparent. What about all the students who do not have their own device? Speaking with a teacher friend, working in a low socio-economic area, she stated that not many of her Year 6 students even own their own device. Or in fact even have one amongst the family! The school has very minimal computer resources and therefore students gain minimal exposure to digital technology.                                                                               kids-school-computer
  • Professional development and growth. Educating ourselves in the advancements of ICT should  be continuous. Ensuring we know pedagogical approaches and strategies to promote the teaching and learning experience, enhanced by the use of ICT, I believe is imperative. Even just being aware of new ideas and simple concepts to implement in classroom practice, is certainly an area of  pedagogy, I intend to develop. Especially to assist in overcoming challenges, as mentioned


Official commencement of semester has of course been busy. Lots of reading, assignment perusals (and stress already!), viewing, listening to lectures and note taking. Whilst I feel I will be in for my busiest semester to date, I have also come to the pleasant realisation that the three subjects I have chosen to study this semester all are identifying the significant importance of ICT in our present and future classrooms. There is a defining, aligning association between learning elements of all three subjects which hopefully will serve me well. Importantly, the emphasis on reflection of where we have come from in our teaching and learning, to where we are heading, has presented itself to me and offered even more inspiration and excited anticipation for my studies this semester.


Orientation week is proving mind boggling! The new technological discoveries have been challenging but very exciting. Am I scared? Definitely! Nervous, afraid, confused, worried are all terms that come to mind. However, I am determined to try my very best and accomplish new learning in an area that will be essential to master in my chosen , future profession. 

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